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Zylin solution partners

The bulk of the work involved in delivering embedded solutions, Zylin executes using in-house resources.

However, creating a complete embedded solution covers many areas of expertise. Zylin has developed good working relationships with partners that specialize in the various arts involved in developing embedded solutions. These partners brings both knowledge and extra capacity to the table.

Embedded software and FPGA development

With a complete range of software and FPGA skills in-house Zylin is able to take a more holistic approach to the design process, which means a more more efficient development process and a better overall product.

Sometimes however, schedule dictates that as much as possible needs to be executed in parallel. With a complete in-house team we're able to create crisp work instructions for our partners, which yields the best quality and most timely delivery.

Advanced PCB designs, mechanics and production

With the arrival of constantly more complicated chips and the drive for higher and higher frequency, PCB complexity is increasing dramatically.

For smaller designs Zylin does PCB schematics, layout and mechanics in-house, but Zylin has partners that will contribute when either in-house capacity is exhausted or PCBs require special skills and tools. Some of the typical examples where our partners excel are in differential signalling, signal integrety, high frequency, higher number of layers(upto 18), special connectors, analogue/RF design considerations, etc.

When Zylin draws upon it's partners we often do schematics in-house and hand off PCB layout and production to partners.