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Simple networked embedded system with FPGA

The ZY2000 is a networked embedded system with a webserver and an FPGA. This type of solution is found today in numerous variants depending on what data needs to be captured, formfactor, power consumption, production volumes, etc.

The ZY2000 below was used in the ZY1000 JTAG Debugger product amongst other solutions.

Although ZY2000 uses Xilinx and ARM9, the same is often done using Altera an Nios these days.

Image processing plugin module projector

The project below was done entirely by Zylin in-house: parts choice, PCB schematics, layout, mechanics, FPGA development and embedded software.

The module plugs into a high end projector and performs image processing for large display solutions that combins multiple projectors into a single seamless display. The module has both serial and ethernet communication and an interface to a simple pushbutton module for control of projector and external mechanical motors.


Customized FPGA development board solution

Rather than diving into development of a full fledged FPGA solution, it can be useful from a development and time to market perspective to develop an add-on board to a standard Altera development kit.

Sometimes such add-on boards are avaialble off the shelf, allowing FPGA and software development to proceed immediately, other times making an add-on board can be a good first step offering a choice of Altera FPGA development kits to choose from while keeping all application specific electronics on the add-on board.

Bitec Altera HSMC add-on board Main
Altera Cyclone III development kit(low performance/frequency compared to Altera Arria/Stratix)